Docker multi-stage builds with ASP.NET Core

Jun 11, 2017 · 4 minute read · Comments One of the best practices with using Docker is to keep your images small. This means you can better not include any code and build tools in your images. When using ASP.NET Core you can use the dotnet publish command for building and packaging your project. With Docker multi-stage builds these build commands can now be included into your Dockerfile which means a cleaner and more stable build process. Read On →

Gulp watch and dotnet run

Jan 25, 2017 · 3 minute read · Comments With the new .NET Core ans ASP.NET versions, the future for .NET looks promising. It allows for creating your C# .NET project outside the Visual Studion environment. With the release of Visual Studio Code we have a great new option for developing your project. Visual Studio is a great IDE, but we think it is a little bloated at the moment. Adding ReSharper to the package and you have long start-up times and annoying delays. Read On →

Use paket with TeamCity

Jan 20, 2016 · 4 minute read · Comments

For a project I was working on we started migrating to Paket for managing our NuGet dependencies. We use TeamCity as our CI environment. TeamCity has great support for using NuGet tooling, but there is no plugin for Paket.

Because we migrated to Paket we needed to modify our TeamCity build configurations so they still work. This post will describe how you can use Paket with TeamCity. It explains how to restore packages before building and how to publish created packages onto our NuGet feed. We use PowerShell and the paket.exe tool to do this.

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Migrate your project from nuget to paket

Jan 11, 2016 · 4 minute read · Comments

For one of our projects we splitted up a big solutions by using NuGet packages. Therefore we became heavy users of NuGet and the NuGet tooling. We quickly became frustrated by using the NuGet tooling provided in Visual Studio because it is slow and there are some problems like:

We started looing for alternatives and found Paket. Paket is a dependency manager for .Net and mono projects. Paket can work with NuGet packages, Git repositories and HTTP resources. More information about why Paket is better than NuGet can be found here.

Paket has a good migration guide but we added some additional steps which I will describe here.

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Auto deploy your static site with Docker and Tutum

Dec 9, 2015 · 5 minute read · Comments

DEPRECATED! Tutum is acquired by Docker and the Tutum service is re-branded to Docker Cloud. The concepts described in this post are still usable, but the content can be outdated.

When I decided to create my own blog I wanted to use a static site generator. Static sites are fast and secure and really cheap to host. There are great tools to built them and one of these tools is Hugo. Hugo is extremly easy to setup and is really fast.

After searching for a docker deployment tool at my current job I came across Tutum. Tutum is a great tool for building, deploying and managing docker containers. To get some experience with docker and Tutum I decided to automatically deploy my blog with Tutum.

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